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About us:

The BDAT Faculty of Professional and Career Development will bring together into a single entity all that we currently do to recruit, develop and retain our staff.  The Faculty will provide the strategic direction to ensure that our professional and career development supports school improvement and will drive our vision of BDAT as an employer of choice.

By bringing all our work in this area under ‘one umbrella’ it will help our staff know about BDAT’s development offers and how they can be accessed.

Our mission:

The Faculty’s Mission: To drive school improvement by recruiting, developing and retaining highly competent and confident staff to deliver high quality education so every child can fulfil their potential and goals.

Our rationale or reason for doing this is:

Because there are no great schools without great staff.

Develop your career with BDAT:

Our values:

  • We set high expectation for ourselves, our trainees and our staff so that each of us is supported to achieve our own potential. We expect nothing but the best from ourselves and from others.
  • We understand everyone is equal, without exception. We value and encourage diversity and difference. We proactively seek to learn from others.
  • We provide rigorous support and challenge to our trainees. We strive for excellence in all they do.
  •  We care for each other. We respect each other and treat our trainees how they would expect to be treated. We make sure they are safe, feel loved and are actively supported at all times.
  • We are ambitious and reflective. We will support our trainees to be determined and brave in making decisions and resilient when facing challenges.  We expect our schools to provide them with the skills and knowledge to guide them through their future as lifelong learners.

Our aims & objectives:

  • To provide a holistic view of career and professional development, that supports school improvement and staff development at both school and Trust level.
  • To ensure recruitment and retention data, information and knowledge informs how we appoint and develop staff within the Trust.
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