BDAT Leader in Education (LE)

Our BDAT LE accreditation formally recognises, acknowledges and validates the expertise within our schools, which results in improved experiences for students and staff.


To recognise staff (both teaching and support staff) who have contributed to cross-trust development work by

  • Developing areas of work as outlined in the Trust Strategic Plan
  • Actively contributing to workforce development including the early career programmes
  • Recognising participation in school-to-school improvement work

Award categories

a) BDAT LE (Research)

b) BDAT LE (Workforce Development)

c) BDAT LE (S2S)

d) BDAT LE (Inclusion)

Application process

This is open to all BDAT staff who meet and can evidence the following criteria through an application and assessment process.

Head Teachers will nominate potential candidates to their BDAT Education Director or the Director of Career and Professional Development. If you are interested in becoming a BDAT LE, please talk to your line manager.

Agreed candidates will attend a briefing which will assist them to complete the application form so that they evidence how they may meet the criteria.

Candidates will need to complete an application form and will also be required to attend a ‘face to face’ *assessment.