Career Pathways

BDAT is committed to developing its staff at every stage of their career from Pre-ITT through to Executive Headteacher, from apprentices to Executive Business Managers and all the teaching and associate staff support roles in between.

BDAT Career Pathways:

To support staff in identifying the available development opportunities we have been developing BDAT Career Pathways for teaching and associate staff. These documents will identify the various stages that exist within a career pathway in schools for teachers and associate staff and lays out the various opportunities that are on offer to develop you as a leader within your current role or on your next step up the careers ladder. It is also used by line managers to support both appraisal and annual careers discussions.

What opportunities are available?

The opportunities that are ultimately available are varied; some involve giving you an insight into the various aspects of work within the Trust, for example, attending governors’ meetings, subject networks or spending time in another Trust school. Other opportunities involve participation in particular programmes or training, either developed and delivered by Trust staff or by chosen external providers. There is also the opportunity for high performing staff to be recognised as BDAT Leaders of Education with the chance to lead on Trust initiatives or be involved in school-to-school support.